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Saul, I think the answer to using 'him' is to have 2 girls on his arms. I think we should be talking a bit more about dimensions, banner or not. I had thought of putting something in his hand, as in the one image where he's holding a paddle. I'm still open to this idea if you have suggestions. I didn't really work on a totally different concept because with "Daddy" in the name, seems like you'd NEED to have his image in there. Ideas?

I haven't elaborated on the font type at all as this could go in ANY direction and I'll be presenting you with a few options there. I really think the image (of the man) should be integrated in with the title and he can break off when needed in that format.

I've not worked with PHP themes and am researching Drupal. I would LOVE to stay on this project with you in the future. I specialize is visuals, period. I don't get in to coding at all but am fully capable to work with coders back & forth to present what they'd need.

Get ahold of me!

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