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Online Hero "Find Your Social Media Power"

None of us have a lot of time to harmonize our online efforts in self promotion. This Introduction to Social Media is a 2 hour workshop focusing on integrating your online content for smooth and time saving presentations offered to the world.

Whether you're a visual artist or musician or have products or services to sell of any kind, the point of it all is to continually engage your audience and keep them looking your way. We offer up content, whether it's yours or someone else's and eventually they trust you in your area of expertise because you've fully shown them who you are.

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
YouTube and other video sites
Flikr & Picasa
& how they all work together efficiently.

You won't be disappointed and I won't boggle your mind. Additionally, if you take my class, I won't mind answering questions for you in the future.
BRING A LAPTOP to connect to our wireless signal.


Contact me to set up an appointment.

*Respond to chadsorg@gmail.com with questions or 775-391-6022
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From Artist To Social Media Consultant: Who is Sorg?

From Artist To Social Media Consultant: Who is Sorg?

A brief word about my credentials seems appropriate here. I'm an artist but I'm also a marketing fanatic. How did this come about?

As an artist, I quickly learned to build an audience. I've owned a couple art galleries and promoted hundreds of art shows for my own work as well as the work of others. I realized that all the work put in needs to be seen to be appreciated–otherwise, we're wasting our time.

• Co-founded NadaDada Motel. In its 5th year, this art-in-motel-rooms exhibition has been featured in countless articles and blog stories, as well as a feature story in the New York Times and also on the San Francisco Museum of Art's blog.
• Lives in public display windows to blog about it and engage a daily audience
• At one time, managed over 30 fanpages with thousands of fans
• Blogged a live telethon for the SPCA and saw a 300% gain in viewership thru integrated social media promotion
• Created promotional videos and maintained a Facebook fanpage for Voters For Sensible Growth

I've taught art to at-risk youth. I've taught digital photography and editing at the Nevada Museum of Art. I taught Flash animation at Truckee Meadows Community College and I've consulted businesses and private individuals with social media solutions.

Social Media hasn't replace advertising yet but has merged the profession with public relations with a do-it-yourself twist. We must maintain our presence and continue to present relevant and captivating content for our friends and fans. All eyes on us!

A Note to Prospective Clients

degree in Visual Communications, 1997, Collins College, Tempe, AZ. Creating artwork for clients since 1991. RenoNV • Phoenix,AZ • Los Angeles,CA • Ft. Wayne,IN

Selected history in design:
•Worked as Art Director with small film distribution & production company to produce original artwork for video release boxes. Films distributed at Hollywood Video and Blockbuster internationally.
Mesa, AZ
•Worked for ad agencies and an IT company, designing artwork for web and print design, texture design for a 3D game using Photoshop, logo design and Flash animation.
• Taught a course on Flash animation at local community college, TMCC.
Reno, NV
• Taught photography and Photoshop courses at the Nevada Museum of Art.
Reno, NV
• Experienced in design work for ad agencies and used to deadlines.
Phoenix, AZReno, NVLos Angeles, CA
General background:
Artist with expertise in graphics and illustration.
Curating and installing art shows for the State of Nevada and City of Reno, 8 years. Former co-owner and co-director, independent art gallery. Co-founder of NadaDada Motel, an exhibition involving 300 multi-discipline artists and performers so far. Extensive experience in Social Networking and promotion.
Resume is attached as well as on my site below. Follow the navigation bar at the top of this page to see the scope of my accomplishments in design.

I'm interested in both illustration and graphic design positions. You'll find my portfolios in each area on the site.

     Thank you for consideration,
          Chad Sorg
          Reno, NV

Click Here for My Design Resume

also find me on twitter: SorgSorg
and on facebook: Artist Fishbowl
and YouTube: NadaSorg

Graphic Design Portfolio (slideshow)

Featuring extensive photo-montage & editing as well as logo and web design. All art featured is wholly of my design.

NadaDada was in the New York Times. *Click here

The NYT article by Patricia Leigh Brown, with photos Jim Wilson. NadaDada Motel, the art event I co-founded has had over 300 creatives involved so far and was started in June of 2007. It's been quite a job since its inception and I'm proud of all the design and promotional work I've put into it. I curated an exhibition featuring our artists for 2 years in a Las Vegas museum and that's what got the attention of the Times reporter. How could I not be proud?

Daddy -A Vector Illustration

Designing the NadaDada Motel Logo

Designing, with Margie Enlow of NuDirection Design, the logo for this year's NadaDada Motel art event in the motels of Reno, third weekend of June since 2007. Over 100 artists participating this year. Motel rooms house the art in various displays of creativity and entertainment.