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Online Hero "Find Your Social Media Power"

None of us have a lot of time to harmonize our online efforts in self promotion. This Introduction to Social Media is a 2 hour workshop focusing on integrating your online content for smooth and time saving presentations offered to the world.

Whether you're a visual artist or musician or have products or services to sell of any kind, the point of it all is to continually engage your audience and keep them looking your way. We offer up content, whether it's yours or someone else's and eventually they trust you in your area of expertise because you've fully shown them who you are.

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
YouTube and other video sites
Flikr & Picasa
& how they all work together efficiently.

You won't be disappointed and I won't boggle your mind. Additionally, if you take my class, I won't mind answering questions for you in the future.
BRING A LAPTOP to connect to our wireless signal.


Contact me to set up an appointment.

*Respond to chadsorg@gmail.com with questions or 775-391-6022
Make advance payment for the class on this website.

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