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so yeah, I'm fulla shit. Monks & artists. Well, it's an experiment in progress. Weird how the reception for the wiFi went bad for me here. Well, it's actually better out here in the middle of the room. You watchin' the live updates?

I'm just goin all the time now... why not. Just thinkin' now, in the bathroom, how I could be creative enough to keep video goin at all times if I wanted. Like right now. I've got a digital frame going. These are photos that I took tonight. They're in a slide show on this frame, you know, the kind that just keeps going? And BOTH computers work here.

Big thanks to my wife Amy. Yeah, tis true, we're separated. We're still friends.. she let me use that groovy ass laptop you see dancing arond with me here. It's hers and she's letting me use it. I didn't get my mac credit in time for this. Anyway, my computer's working out here in the middle of the room. And the shots look better out here actually, it's like bein' on the playa.

So.. why'm I full o' shit? This is not monk like r3ally. I mean I'm more like a monkey. Poo-flinging's in order now.

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